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  • Should I change accountants?

    We all hear that word a lot in kiwi dialect - "Yeahnah"...

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We all hear that word a lot in kiwi dialect - "Yeahnah", which literally translates as 'Yes/No'1.  You might assume that this combination of both a positive and negative affirmation together is simply a laboured, slightly retarded, way of saying 'Maybe".  This is a common mistake.  In fact, it's meaning depends entirely on the context.  Sometimes it means 'Yes', other times, it means 'No'.  But mostly, it means nothing at all, and is just a way of filling space while the person thinks of something better to say.

But in answer to the question, "Should I change accountants" it means "Well, you should certainly think about it."  And to help you begin thinking about it, think about the fact that MSBCA has as extensive range of accounting knowledge, skills, expertise and experience.  We know what we are doing.  And we do it pretty darn well.

And we know that because we frequently ask our clients if they are pleased with our work together.  And the answer is always "Yeahnah" (which in this context translates to "Of course, you are doing an outstanding job on our behalf, thank you.)

Think about changing to us - you won't regret it.

And will you benefit from the change?  Yeahnah (which, in this context, means "You most certainly will".)


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