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Farming on the front foot

Figured is online farm financial management software that offers farmers a better way to financially manage your farming operations

Crop and livestock tracking, farm budgeting and forecasting tools work seamlessly with online accounting software, Xero, enabling you to confidently plan and reforecast with real-time information when conditions change.

Figured plus Xero ensures you know exactly where the farming operation stands – and where it's heading.

How it works

5 Great Reasons to Farm with Figured

1. Complete picture
All your farm's financial and stock information in one place - cash, budgeting and stock-on-hand positions are integrated with your profit and loss.

2.  Budgeting and forecasting
Track crop & livestock movements, operating expenses, see overall profit and future cash available, enabling decision making based on a true picture of farm performance.

3. Production Reporting
Dollars per hectare, per kg milk solids and per stock unit are built into Figured and are available in a click.

4. One team
The whole farming team can collaborate online with one set of information in real time ensuring quick decision making with up to date information

5. Saves time
Quick and easy stock reconciliation. Bank reports can be quickly generated when needed. Stock numbers are automatically updated online so less time chasing paperwork

Want to farm on the front foot? Talk to the team at McConnell Stafford-Bush about getting Figured today.

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