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"On short notice Lynda helped us with cashflows and communication with the bank manager which secured us a huge contract. We have always felt supported by Lynda and her staff and we have never felt like just a number".
- Debra Hawley

"Stephen supported us 110% through the process of expanding our business. His ongoing support has led the bank to reduce our interest rates as they can see that the business is being closely monitored and benchmarked. Stephen has also personally engaged other professionals surrounding our business giving collective financial backing".
- Judy Garshaw

"Lynda has a very modern look at accounting and the way it should run. She adds value to our business. Lynda is very supportive, always friendly and helpful".
- Jackie Liefting

"MSBCA provides the Personal Touch. Stephen offers sound financial advice and regularly attends partner meetings to give an overview of our business".
- Jackie Burton

"Stephen is a sounding board for business advice as well as the accounting and management side of our business. Stephen completes the full package for all our business needs. His due diligence work before we bought the business created a good business relationship as we worked closely together during this time. Moving to MSBCA has been a worthwhile decision".
- Philip Baird

"We have been a client of Lynda's for many years. She understands us and our business ventures and has always advised and guided us correctly, giving us peace of mind".
- Mike & Tania Leitch-Heggie

"I have been with Lynda longer than my wife, more than 25 years, and we have a very happy professional relationship. We have never hesitated when it comes to seeking advice from Lynda as we trust her immensely. We have recommended her to several friends and family and will continue to do so. She has a great team, and they are all thoroughly professional".
- Keith & Lisa Smith

"Stephen has been instrumental in making sure we have the right governance structure in place and seeing that the skills required are developed. He implemented better, more timely budgets, cashflow variance reports and significantly improved reporting and working processes with our bank".

"Stephen works strategically and efficiently with our bank and farm consultant. Under his guidance and implementation all parties in our business have accurate and up to date information. Stephen's systems have contributed to major reductions in our operational and working costs, improved profitability and increased confidence. All of this has improved the value to our bottom line and risk profile".

"Stephen is also supported by a very efficient and capable team. He is easy to get along with and changing to Stephen as our accountant and professional advisor is one of the most significant decisions we have ever made".
- Bill Millar